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Winterize your Home

Every home deserves special treatment. Please call to discuss your needs.

  • 3 hr
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  • The House of Skrobeck ,LLC

Service Description

We have partnered with another company locally to make sure everything you need and require for the home to be properly prepared are met. Many homeowners are gone before the first snow touches ground. Let us assist to prepping. We'll do the following: 1. Clean the Gutter and Fireplace first 2. Caulk around the windows if needed. 3. Lower the Thermostats or install a programmable thermostat 4. Protect your plants. Bring inside before the temp dips below 45 degrees. 5. Bring in the Outdoors: outdoor furniture and grills. If possible, store them in the garage or basement. If you have a gas grill with a propane tank, we'll close the tank valve and disconnect the tank first. It must be stored outside. If you don't have storage space for your items, we can purchase covers to protect them from the elements. 6. Maintain Your Outdoor Equipment: Outdoor power tools, such as mowers and string trimmers, need to be cleaned and maintained prior to storing. If you have a snow blower, inspect it before the first snowfall to ensure it's working properly. 7. Save on Your Energy Bills: we can call your local power company to see if they conduct energy saving assessments. It's often a free service where a representative will identify specific changes to make your home more energy efficient and save you money. In addition to the suggestions above, LED light bulbs and water heater blankets can also make a difference. 8. Make Your Furnace More Efficient: Your furnace will function more efficiently with a clean filter. A dirty filter with trapped lint, pollen, dust, etc., obstructs airflow and makes your furnace run longer to heat your home. Replace filters at least every three months. 9. Be Roof-Ready: Inspect the roof. Look for broken, frayed, curled or missing shingles; clogged valleys; damaged flashing; or deterioration. Clear leaves, pine needles, dirt and other accumulated debris from the roof. Cut back overhanging branches to prevent damage to shingles and gutters. Check the attic and ceilings for staining from water leakage. While we're up there, we'll make sure the attic is properly ventilated to prevent mold and mildew. 10. Protect Windows From Heat Loss: To help keep chilly air from leaking in through window cracks, swap out the lightweight summer curtains with thermal lined curtains or drapes. They’ll help keep your home warm and lower your heating bill. 11. Furniture: We'll cover all furniture with bed sheets to prevent dust gathering.

Contact Details

  • 2615 Charlevoix Avenue, Petoskey, MI, USA


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