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Rental Policy with THOS

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Deposits & Cancellation Policy

A deposit is under the approval of the owner should they choose to let their guest be required. The deposit is a payment on a home that we agree to save for you.  Deposits for weekly rentals are $500 and timeframe of 30 day notice is required.
Deposits for daily rentals (anything less than a week) are $200 if a renter goes through THOS and not through marketing platform.

You commit to your reservation at the time you put a deposit down and creation/time of reservation. It is important to make sure you can commit to your dates BEFORE reserving and putting a deposit down. If you need to cancel after you have reserved/paid a deposit, please refer to our cancellation policy below.

If you pay your deposit online and use a debit card or Echeck, there will be a delay. We do not receive notifications of reservations made online until payments have cleared, which means you may lose out on your home. Please notify us so we can make arrangements to save the dates for you until it clears.  We are very flexible to work with. If you make a reservation and plan to pay offline- you will be required to pay for the deposit. THOS generally does not take offline payments. Reservations can also be paid via venmo/Apple Pay/zelle. 
*Using a credit card is recommended.




Cancelling during Peak Season: Deposits are non-refundable unless we are able to fill your spot within 24 hrs.  
The full payment of any and all reservations for listing must be paid prior to your arrival and should you cancel, anytime after, the total is not refundable, only the deposit if we are able to fill the spot in within 24 hrs of written notice. It's our goal to give you back your deposit.

Cancelling during Off Peak Season: Deposits are non-refundable.

ALL cancellations must be made IN WRITING a minimum of 20 weeks prior to the arrival day.
Guests who do not show up to their rental home on an allocated window timeframe or who cancel within 20 weeks of the arrival day will be not be eligible for any refund. THOS will collect this fee. Owners of listing are not subject to collection of income from of a cancelation. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but while holding the home for you, we have turned others away.

Home Transfers: 
Deposits can be transferred to another property of ours, with no penalty, but must pay the difference of cost. Transfers are generally not allowed simply because a guest did not properly look at what a home offers. *Home transfers are not permitted for ANY REASON if notified less than 8 weeks  prior to your arrival. 

We cannot shorten your stay prior to arrival or give refunds for early departures or if your travels are effecting your arrival date.


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CHECK IN TIME IS 2 pm OR LATER til 7pm:  If you arrive earlier than 2 pm, we cannot guarantee your home will be ready for you and you may have to wait. We cannot give out keys to homes until the office is notified the home is clean.                                            

Most of our properties are keyless entry and codes are handed out the moment you are on site.

LATE ARRIVALS : We get things happen, flight delayed etc. Guest must share those details in order to avoid any cancelation due to no show during check in windows. All we ask is communicate with us and we'll be flexible. If we don't hear from you and we try to reach out and no answer, we will assume a no show.

CONTACT INFO: Your booking will have our number on it. If you have any problems or need anything once you arrive at the home, please call so we can help.       

GUESTS: If you have guests who will be staying with you and will be arriving at a later time, please make sure they will know how to get to the home. We are happy to send you directions in advance that can be given to your guests. please let us know if you do have guests and be sure to include this for liability. Remember, if you have more guests than what is on your reservation, THOS will increase your charge.   

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