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THOS Term & Policies for Renters

*All Rules apply for short, mid ,long and month-to-month renters*

Owners of each property may require a renter to fill out a separate agreement form for your duration as by requested from their HOA and/or choice of owner for protection for all parties. Not required but recommend for stays longer than 14 days. By filling out the form you are in agreement to the properties rules and policies. Each home has an owners rental policy please be sure to review. By booking a rental and/or hiring and/or buying products from THOS , we assume that all guests have read the rental terms of THOS  and therefore guests agree to hold and protect  any and all damages against THOS and/or its homeowners/agents/hosts and its affiliates.  If a property a renter rents at , they also agree to the HOA rules too. Before hiring THOS please check to make sure your HOA allows STR and Mid Term Rental.

The person reserving is responsible for the home and any guests who will be at the home, so it is important that everyone has read and agrees to the rental terms.  
The person reserving must supply the credit card information and  filling out the applicants  form which shares a link to our terms and conditions prior to booking a rental for the guest to choose.
You are committing to your reservation at the time of making your deposit, NOT when the agreement form and/or credit card is provided. Please make sure you have read and agree to the rental terms, and that the home's location and amenities work for you BEFORE BOOKING. *If you are unsure, please ask. 

Booking Process:

  • Check availability before you book a home. Each home has its own calendar and our calendars are up to date. *Keep in mind there are times when two online reservations can be made after our normal business hours that may be for the same house/dates. We take online bookings in the same order they come in. If this were to happen, we would call you on the next business day with other home options or a refund of your deposit.

  • A WEEK IS 7 NIGHTS. Some homes require a full week (Sunday-Sunday OR Saturday-Saturday), and some are flexible and only require a 5-night minimum depending on owners wishes. 

  • We do not take bookings more than one year in advance. If you are staying at one of our homes and would like to re-book that home for the following year, please contact us during your stay to secure your dates. Your dates will be open to the public to book the day after your stay. We love that you enjoyed that space- so lets' make it official for your next booking.

  • Online Bookings must be approved by management. The email that you receive immediately after booking a home is not from a real person, it is automatic. Once management receives and successfully reserves your online booking you will receive a confirmation with your rates and balance due, along with an attached copy of our agreement form to be filled out and returned, and additional information pertaining to your stay. Typically you will also get a warm welcome call from the owners thanking you and asking if you will need anything for your stay.

  • Do book online if you plan to arrive within two days- we want to make sure you are  warmly welcomed. We understand things happen and maybe a previous lodging from another management company didn't work- that's okay, we'll get the lights on for you!  Please call and book over the phone- the owner can help with your payment.

  • There is a cleaning fee that applies to all rentals. These fees are posted on each home's page and are subject to change anytime and/or due to your guest, we have the rights to charge additional should extra cleaning be needed to perform a fast turn for the next guests. 

  • Reservations remain in tentative mode until there is a credit card and agreement form signed and approved. If you cancel a reservation within 6 hours after booking, you are eligible for a refund- this policy applies for all seasons. If you cancel after 6 hours you are not eligible. IF a deposit is required by owner you are agreeing to their home rules plus all deposits are non-refundable if a guest choose to cancel their reservation before or during the stay.

  • All payments are due the moment of booking. We can charge the card on file or you may pay via venmo or Apple Pay. We do not accept checks. 

  • Peak Season is Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Off-Peak Season is all other times.



Deposits & Payments:
A deposit and balances (if any) for a booking on a home that we agree to reserve the space for you is non-refundable at anytime. Deposits go towards the balance due. Deposits may vary on rentals depending on owners. All bookings will require a guest to pay for upfront.  IF the sale of the home is prior or during to your arrival , THOS will be happy to work with you on finding an alternative housing. Unfortunately, we have no control of the sale of a property since we are not the agents of the sale. We only manage the homes and are hired to STR their home. IF your reservation is cancelled by us, you may be entitled to a partial refund depending on the case. 

If you pay your deposit online and use a debit card, credit card or e-check, there there might be a delay with the processing. Each platform has a processing fee in which would be required to pay should an owner provide a refund approved.  We do not receive notifications of reservations made online until payments have cleared, which means you may lose out on your home! Please notify us so we can save the dates for you until it clears. *Using a credit card is recommended.

You can also call or email us to apply payments using your credit card that we have on file.
Sales Tax will be included into the rentals. 
Non-Sufficient Funds A service charge of $75.00 will be charged for any NSF. We cannot re-deposit. You must send a certified check or money order for the amount of check + $75.00 fee.



Cancelling during Peak Season: Deposits and payments are non-refundable unless we are able to fill your spot.  
In the event the home were to re-book for the dates you cancelled, you would get your deposit back minus a $75 booking fee.  The full payment of any and all listing must be paid prior to your arrival and should you cancel the total is not refundable, only the deposit if we are able to fill the spot in within 24 hrs of written notice. It's our goal to give you back your deposit.

Cancelling during Off Peak Season: Deposits can be refundable if approved by the owner, minus a $75 booking and processing fee depending on the total. 

ALL cancellations must be made IN WRITING a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the arrival day.
Guests who do not show up to their rental home on an allocated window timeframe or who cancel within 8 weeks of the arrival day will be not be in favor of a refund. Guest that choose to cancel/leave early prior to their end date will not be eligible for any refund as other guests inquiry were notified of booking.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but while holding the home for you, we have turned others away.

Home Transfers: 
Deposits can be transferred with no penalty onto the host, but guests must provide a legitimate reason for this request. If host/owner asks/recommends/requests guests into a unit transfer to a current guest for any reason and the guests approves verbally or in writing and the new unit is upgraded by design/sqft/number of beds/spaces; the guests agrees to a transfers the current reservation and all its items and signed agreements onto  the new rental including all policies and terms including the no refund policy.  *Home transfers are not permitted by the guest request for ANY REASON if notified less than 8 weeks  prior to your arrival.

You commit to your dates at the time of booking. We cannot shorten your stay prior to arrival or give refunds for early departures. 



Pet Policy and Fees
Failure to follow our pet policy that would require excessive cleaning due to hair on furniture or bedding, cleaning up after your pet outside, or damages caused to the home or property will be billed accordingly to the card on file.


  • Pet friendly homes are clearly listed under the home's amenities.

  • Pets are a flat fee of $250 per pet, and all homes have a 1-2 pet limit *if you are not sure please ask.

  • We DO NOT discriminate on pet size or breed, but we DO trust that all pets staying at our homes have responsible owners.

  • We are sorry, pet snakes are not allowed.

  • All pets MUST be reported. If you bring a pet and do not report it (or bring more pets than what was reported), the card on file will be charged for the required fees. All properties have a front door camera.   

  • Pets are NOT allowed in homes that are not pet friendly.  If you bring a pet to one of these homes you will be asked to leave immediately, with no refund, and you will be charged a fee of $400 to return the home to pet free. *You may be transferred to a pet friendly home if there is one available and we can graciously transfer. Some HOA's where the listings are located have rules in place for renters and we all must comply with their rules.

  • You must clean up after your pet, inside and out!  Please bring the necessary tools to do so. (Shovels/bags, etc.). You will be charged if we have to clean up after your pet(s).

  • Pets are NOT ALLOWED on the beds or furniture.

  • Pets are NOT to be left at homes alone UNLESS CRATED.

  • Please do not let your dogs roam onto neighboring property.

Our selection of pet friendly homes is limited due to past guests who did not feel the policy applied to them. We love dogs, truly and we know you love your fur baby so it is VERY important that this privilege is not abused so we can continue to offer pet friendly homes and HOAS and owners will allow us and guests to continue using their space.

Service animals are allowed at homes that are not exclusively 'pet free'. Service animals must meet all ADA qualifications and be properly trained to perform the necessary tasks needed for the disabled owner who will be at the rental home. If you will be vacationing with a service dog, please let us know at the time of booking. WARNING: It is against the law to represent your pet as a service dog if it has not undergone the proper training and met all ADA qualifications. 10-minute online applications/application fees do not count as proper qualifications and we will always be able to identify a fake certification. 


Boats & Dock Space 

  • Docks are pulled during the winter and may not be available during the spring and fall season depending on the owner.

  • If your rental home says it comes with a fishing boat: you must sign a separate form for liability provided and written by the owner given to us to support and provide to you.

  • Water levels can fluctuate and can affect docks. If you have concerns that a dock may not work for your boat, please call prior to bringing your boat.

  • Homes that have docks guarantee space for one boat only.

  • We cannot give refunds if a dock space is not adequate for your boat, or if water levels affect a docks usability. 

  • It is the boat owner's responsibility to bring their owner bumpers, and to pull their boat if weather conditions are not ideal. Neither we nor the homeowners are responsible for boats that are damaged while at a rental home. 

  • Docks that are damaged due to a guest's negligence will be billed accordingly and must be paid before booking end date or guest will be subject of legal matters.

  • Don't have your own boat? You can rent fishing boats and pontoons at different marinas around the Island by the day or week and let us know if you are using your boat or a rented boat. Maybe we can put in a good word at the marinas for ya! 


Hot Tub Units

  • Prior to your arrival, the hot tub was cleaned, and chemicals were added. During a normal week stay (or less), a hot tub should not require extra cleaning, water, and/or chemicals. To help maintain the hot tub water, make sure you are clean and free of lotions or perfumes, and do not allow children to jump in and out of tub repeatedly, which will affect water levels. If you require us to service a tub during your stay, there is a fee of $45, which can be charged to the card on file. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with a tubs cleanliness this must be reported BEFORE it is used so that any issues can be diagnosed.

  • Children should NEVER be allowed to jump or dive into a hot tub and can NEVER be left alone without adult supervision.

  • The homes have well water; there may be white flakes in the tub that can be confused as sand/dirt when seen or felt.

  • THOS and the homeowners will not be held responsible for injuries that occur while using a hot tub; use of a hot tub is at your own risk or any other damages not the property or at its amenities related to the booking and listing

  • Do not bring items into the hot tub that can get caught in the filter or scratch the hot tub surface, such as toys.

  • If you damage a hot tub or hot tub cover, you will be responsible for any charges that are incurred for fixing it.  

  • Do not leave the cover off when not in use. The tub will get full of leaves/dirt.

  • Hot tub covers are expensive to replace. When uncovering the tub, handle the cover carefully & be sure all straps are unclipped. Do not sit/jump on the cover. They are only made of Styrofoam! Most hot tubs have cinch straps on them. This is to keep the wind from blowing the cover off. PLEASE replace the straps when not being used.

  • Try not to push the buttons on the control panel. If you need to adjust the temperature, please read the directions carefully or call us to help you. Pushing a sequence of buttons will put the tub in sleep mode and it will not heat up.


Miscellaneous Info:

Lawn Care & Snow Plowing - During your stay there may be someone stopping by to mow grass (or plow, depending on the season). We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we want to make sure that everything is nice for our guests, and unfortunately this cannot always be scheduled on departure days- they are vendors and we are subject to their work schedule.

Trash Removal - Please have your trash in the garbage cans outside of the home. We will come by during the week to collect it (weekly stays only). Trash that is too large for the can or trash containing animal/fish remains must be take out by the guests themselves and NOT left on the properties trash can. If the property has a dumpster, you may use this only. If these items are left for us to take care of, the card on file will be billed to dispose of it. If you are renting a home without a dumpster, we ask you take out the trash to the outside trash can and not left outside and/or untied. Animals will get into the bags.

Vehicles & Trailers - Remember these are privately owned homes and some have limited parking. It is the guests' responsibility to make sure the parking is acceptable prior to booking. ALL vehicles are to stay on designated parking areas ONLY and are not allowed on grass or beach areas. Failure to keep vehicles and trailers off of restricted areas that results in damages to lawns, septic drain fields, etc. will be your responsibility. We will not be responsible a tow truck comes and moves and or collects your vehicle and/or trailer for failure to park. 

Non-Smoking Homes - ALL OF OUR HOMES ARE NON-SMOKING. *This includes cigarettes and marijuana and all are home are DRUG FREE. If you or your guests smoke inside of a home, you will be billed for the cost to restore the home to 'non-smoking'. Costs involved include washing all blankets & pillows, window treatments, furniture, walls, etc.  DO NOT throw butts all over the yard for our service crew to pick up. If this happens, there will be a huge fee for this rule. All properties are non smoking inside and on the property grounds. The cleaners will be able to tell if the home has a smoke smell, after all, they are the cleaners that clean the home before your stay. 

Capacity & Guests - Do not exceed the amount of people that is allowed in the home (kids are considered people too). *Babies 2 and under are an exception. The number of people allowed is based off what a homeowner is comfortable having in their homes, not necessarily how many it can sleep. If a homeowner will make an exception with more than what is posted, there is a $10 per day fee per person charged. Please get permission ahead of time for guests and pets arriving during the week. Our homes cannot be used for large functions such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, etc. UNLESS the max amount of people at the function DOES NOT exceed the homes capacity. I know this sounds harsh and we love our big families, but you're at someone home and accidents happen. 

Neighbors - Please remember that your rental home is located in a quiet neighborhood. Keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm. No fireworks and no trespassing on property that is not part of your rental home (this includes pets). Many homes are located down private drives, and some shared land , so please drive SLOWLY. 

NOT Allowed:
Fireworks, Air conditioners, space heaters, campers and/or tents (unless otherwise approved)

NO PARTIES! Our homeowners are sharing their homes for the intent of a relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience. If you do not plan to treat your rental home with respect, please book elsewhere.

Telephone, Internet and Satellite Pay Per View - Homes with a phone do not have long distance. We all have cell phones- please use that. Do not order Pay Per View channels on the Satellite TV/smart TV or buy a movie/shows etc from any TV at any of our rentals.  A $25.00 collection fee will be charged in addition to charges on a phone or satellite bill and the owners will know because they will alert us with proof and we will pass along that proof to guests. So anything you buy if you do, you will be charge. All homes come with WiFi.

Homes furnishings and supplies - Each of our privately owned homes reflect the taste of its owner. Many homes have a locked closet that belongs to the owner. Tampering with locked doors will result in a charge to your credit card and legal action by the owners. The furniture at the homes are places where the owners want it and CAN NOT be moved. *This includes bonfire pits outdoors* Moving furniture around can damage flooring and the furniture, which can be expensive to replace/repair. These homes are loved by their owners, please take care of the home and the furnishings as if they were your own. Turning the heat up and then opening the doors and windows is a waste of energy and money. Please help us keep our costs down so we don't have to raise rental rates. All of the homes are equipped with items such as bedding and basic kitchen items needed for cooking and serving. 

Damages, issues, malfunctioning equipment - If there is a problem due to MALFUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT, report it immediately! Do not wait until your departure day to call or leave notes or add this to a review as a retaliation  as we may have been able to take care of it for you while you were here, and it could also affect the next guests. We do our very best to fix or replace malfunctioning items, however there are a limited number of service contractors in our area and sometimes things cannot be repaired as fast as we would like. We cannot issue refunds for problems with Satellite TV, phone, internet, VCR/DVD players, hot tubs, games/pool tables, dishwashers or anything else that is not considered a necessity and if a amenity is a shared community amenity such as a shared pool or HotTub- we can not offer an partial or full refund due to that fact WE do not have control of those amenities because they are controlled by another person outside of our control and we are not responsible should they fail to issue out a notice or update on such items not offered during your stay- although we try to always connect those such people for any and all updates prior to arrivals.

Welcome and not so welcome guests: During your visit you may see some visitors in the way of wildlife which adds to the experience, but you may also have some unwelcome visitors such as spiders, snakes, raccoons, mice, etc. Keep in mind you are  Michigan now. Please understand we do all we can to help with the unwanted, but we cannot be held responsible for nature and things that are out of our control.


Neither THOS and nor our Homeowners and our cleaners, vendors or anyone related to the parties listed will be held responsible for any accidents or injuries while at your vacation home, the home's surrounding property, or while using any amenities and off site amenities. THOS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. By booking a home on this platform or from a 3rd party platform, given the policies to follow on the 3rd party platforms (ie airbnb) we assume after sharing the THOS's website unto all platforms for guests to read before booking that prospects, guests, and past guests and anyone else, that you have read and agreed to any and all rules, policies and agreements and THOS and owners and anyone else related to such will not be held responsible for any and all actions, accidents, injuries, or failures to meet needs of a guest(s) during booking booked through THOS and or any other platform.

As a Renter, any forms of payment accepted by THOS/affiliates  and booking a rental, you agree to the terms and conditions above all payments are final and non-refundable. Thank you.

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