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Curious to rent out your rental with us?
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How it works


Meet n' Greet

We’ll schedule a time for us to visit in person or via Zoom/FaceTime.  

We’ll do a pre-assessment of your home on site that showcases your properties potential income.

We will offer our service plans for you to choose that best fits your needs. We are also happy to tailor your plans to give you higher confidence in our work. 


Pick a Service Plan

We will offer  a few different service plans to choose from.  Our popular management services include:



   + monthly admin fee & % booking fee

Once you choose, we then start the contract and marketing process including arrangements for professional photos, drone/virtual photography and any other important items required regarding the rental.​





Finalize your Plan

When your service agreement is sign, paid and have picked a rental ready date, we'll publish your listing within 12hrs after our photography date.

We list your rental onto 15+ platforms and partner with those platforms and our PMS.

You can click on the new owner's contract service agreement page.

Rental Mgt Service Plans

Find one that works for you

  • 1 Year Hosting

    Unlimited bookings + % booking fee + Monthly Admin Fee $125. Guest will pay cleaning fees
    Ισχύει για 12 μήνες
  • 2 Year Hosting

    Unlimited bookings +% Booking fee + Monthly Admin Fee $100 . Guest will pay cleaning fees
    Ισχύει για 2 χρόνια
  • Customized Plan

    Κάθε μήνα
    +625 $ One Time Set Up Fee
    Want certain months to share out your space? 4 Month min. Let's make a plan! Unlimited bookings + % booking fee + Monthly Admin Fee. Guest will pay cleaning fees
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